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    Brand: Fastbind
    Hard cover machine.
    Code: UT04020018
    Maximum size of finished case: 1040 x 490 mm opened
    Thickness of the cardboard: up to 5 mm
    Voltage: 220–240 V
    Machine Dimensions (W x D x H): 1130 x 684 x 200 mm
    Weight: 29.7 kg

    * Adjustable edge folding unit with automatic thickness compensation
    * Illuminated table; the vacuum assistance, register marks

    Optional tools: Casematic side stop, Casematic corner cutter, Casematic axle stops

    Easy to use

    Position your printed cover on the illuminated table.
    The vacuum assistance, register marks and center line ensure accurate placement.
    Once the boards are attached to the cover, you can easily fold the edges on the integrated edge-wrapper.
    The folding unit is adjustable for different board thicknesses.

    Versatile applications (book covers, ring binders, calendars, CD cases...).
    It is the ideal solution for photographic studios, photo labs and professional photographers as well as digital printers, copy shops and on-demand publishers.
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