IDEAL HERCULES H14 Air purifier

IDEAL HERCULES H14 Air purifier

Air  purifier

With  its  high  air  throughput  rate  of  up  to  700  m3  of  purified  air  per  hour,  the  robust  
Hercules  H14  provides  mobile  air  purification  in  all  kinds  of  larger,  public  buildings  –  
such    as    offices,    schools,    workplace    canteens,    cafeterias,    fitness    studios,    practice  
rooms  –  wherever  it  is  important  to  remove  pollutants  from  indoor  air  in  the  shortest  
possible  time.  The  highly  effective,  individually  tested  and  certified  HEPA  H14  filter  
removes  pollutants  and  impurities  such  as  dust,  particulate  matter  (PM10,  PM2.5  and  
smaller),  pollen  and  other  airborne  allergens  from  the  room  air.  Pathogens  such  as  
viruses,  bacteria  and  mould  spores  are  also  filtered  out  of  the  room  air.  In  addition  to  
the  HEPA  filter,  a  high-quality  pre-filter  fleece  is  included  in  the  delivery.  It  captures  
coarse  dirt  particles  and  dust  before  the  air  enters  the  main  filter.  This  extends  the  
service    life    of    the    HEPA    filter.    With    its    powder-coated    sturdy    metal    housing,  
the  Hercules  H14  is  particularly  robust.  And  thanks  to  the  fold-out  handle  and  the  
rubberised,  smooth-running  castors,  it  is  mobile  and  flexible  in  use.  The  air  purifier  
can  be  operated  both  upright  or  in  lying  position.  Control  panel  with  robust,  dustproof  
and  waterproof  rocker  switches  for  manual  control  of  functions.  5  powerful  fan  speed  
levels  can  be  manually  adjusted.  Practical  memory  function:  after  switching  off  and  
on  again,  the  last  selected  fan  speed  remains  stored.  Thanks  to  the  superior  motor  
and  fan  unit,  the  indoor  air  is  purified  in  the  shortest  possible  time.  Practical  filter  
change  display.

Technical  Details
Power  supply  220-240  V,    50/60  Hz
Fan  speed  levels  5
Power  consumption  max.  170  watts
Noise  levels  (dB)  25.2  –  66.3
Air  throughput  up  to  700  m3/h
Filter  class  H14  (min.  99.995%)
Dimensions  (H  x  W  x  D)  625  x  522  x  399  mm
Weight  (kg)      approx.  28

Throughput  and  air  exchange  rate  at  100  m  3
        m  3  /h      AER*/h    dB(A)
Level  1    170      1.7    25
Level  2    300      3.0    37
Level  3    440      4.4    51
Level  4    550      5.5    59
Level  5    700      7.0    67
Category: Air purifiers
Code: PZ01010027