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Semi circle thumbcut calendar punch 20mm

Hand Held EURO hole punch

Eyelet Punch

CYKLOS CP 20 Calendar Cutter

An extremely versatile machine especially good for punching of thumb cuts into w

CYKLOS C-Press 440

Massive heavy metal cutting press with working width 440 mm is determined for cu


Simple instrument for euro punch creation. MAX. PUNCHING THICKNESS: 1,5 mm D

CYKLOS Jogga 450

Paper jogger with airflow blower NEW - available soon! Equipment: -possib

CYKLOS MB 70 modular working station

Serves best as a base for heavy duty machines GPM 450 SA, GPM 450, C PRESS 440 a

CYKLOS Paper Base PB 145

Heavy Duty mobile table designed specially for larger print houses. LOADING C

DRILL-A-BIND white tube 500mm 100/1

Eyelets SILVER plated 4,8x4,6mm Silver 250/1

Eylets Brass plated 4,8x4,6mm gold 250/1

STAGO TREFF FLM thumb cutt

STAGO HS radius 4.0mm

STAGO HS radius 7.0mm


STAGO PR 3 jogger

STAGO PR 4 jogger

STAGO PR3/PR4 stand

STAGOFLEX sheet counter

Paper pile thickness gauge

Corners CORNERMATE TYPE-4 silver 100/1