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    Cardboard Shredder CP 325

    Brand: N/A
    Code: PA06010007
    The CS-325 cardboard shredder is designed to save warehouse space and give a second life to waste
    cardboard that is not needed or needs to be discarded so that it can be reused as a cushioning material for packaging.
    The cardboard or carton is cut into honeycomb cushioning material after being cut by CS-325 carton shredder.
    This honeycomb paperboard allows us to have a good cushioning effect during the packaging process. It can also
    achieve energy saving and environmental protection, save materials, save your losses, save your expenses,
    and be a good partner in your business!

    * Turn used cartons into premium packaging material!
    * No more waste of plastic and polystyrene on your package!
    * With our cardboard shredder, you save time, money, free space in your warehouse and respect the environment!

    Product name: CS-325
    Dimension: 450×300×270 mm
    Netto Weight: 32.8 kg
    Feeding Speed: 3 m/min
    Maximum cutting width: 325 mm
    Maximum cutting thickness 3-5 layers of corrugated cardboard
    Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
    Power: 250W
    Packing size 520*365*330 mm
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