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The semiautomatic creasing – perforating machine -with programmable control an

CYKLOS Jogga 450

Paper jogger with airflow blower NEW - available soon! Equipment: -possib

CYKLOS Paper Base PB 145

Heavy Duty mobile table designed specially for larger print houses. LOADING C

IDEAL 8285 CC document shredder

Paper shredder with automatic feeder NEW - January 2020 Application: Desk sid


Fan The powerful and energy-efficient fan utilises aerodynamic princip

IDEAL HERCULES H14 Air purifier

Air purifier With its high air throughput rate of up to 700 m3 of purified ai

IDEAL THE 56 guillotine

Guillotine Cutting length 560 mm Cutting height 80 / 77* mm Narrow cut

RENZ Wire-Go (2:1)

RENZ WIRE|GO 2:1 is a manual 2:1 pitch (23 rings/A4) wire comb binding machin

RENZ Wire-Go (3:1)

RENZ WIRE|GO 3:1 is a manual 3:1 pitch (34 rings/A4) wire comb binding machin

Strapping machine TP-202 (PP)

TP-202 is an affordable and compact semi-auto strapping machine designed for gen

WiAir 1200 Air cushion machine

Air cushion machine NEW MODEL available from 07/2021 Max. speed: up to 12 m/mi

WiAir HC10 Honeycomb Paper Machine

Manual Honeycomb paper stretching machine for paper rolls up to 510mm Size:69

WiAir Honeycomb paper roll 510mm x 250m x 80g

Honeycomb paper packaging is a kraft paper roll with a honeycomb shape that is p